An attar of roses (Eschrich J.)

Материал из Тургенев в 21 веке
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Eschrich J.

An attar of roses / Jane Eschrich. – United States : Jane Eschrich, 2014. – 476 p. – Includes bibliographical references: p. 446–476. – ISBN 9781312210219.

Аннотация из : Poor Geneva Aberdeen. Although she has a boyfriend, a stable (albeit lowly) job at an Indian catering company, and an important position in the local literary society, she does not have Nikolaus Gaetjens, the love of her life. Enter said love-an older music history professor with a family-and the ensuing flirtation ultimately threatens Geneva's relationship with her boyfriend as well as her sister, who was once involved with Dr. Gaetjens herself. Can Geneva glean any words of wisdom from the nineteenth-century Russian author Ivan Turgenev before it is too late? Место хранения: Hamilton Library University of Hawaii at Manoa (США)