Hunting nature : Ivan Turgenev and the organic world (Hodge T.P.)

Материал из Тургенев в 21 веке
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Hodge T.P.

Hunting nature : Ivan Turgenev and the organic world. – Ithaca, New York : Cornell University Press, 2020. – xiv, 303 pages : il. (some color). – English. – Includes bibliographical references and index. – ISBN 9781501750847.

Содержание: Introduction : The Hunting Writer : An Ecocritical Approach ; Catching Nature by the Tail ; The Gun Before the Lyre : Turgenev Afield ; "A Different Kind of Game" : Notes of a Hunter ; Thinking Oneself into Nature : The Aksakov Reviews and Their Aftermath ; Nature and Nidification : "Journey to the Forest-Belt," Rudin, A Gentry Nest ; Life at the Lek : On the Eve, "First Love," Fathers and Children ; Conclusion : "I'm a Sportsman": Deviations and Doubt.

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