Poetics of Prose (Axelrod M.)

Материал из Тургенев в 21 веке
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Axelrod M.

Poetics of Prose : Literary Essays from Lermontov to Calvino / by Mark Axelrod. – Cham : Springer International Publishing Imprint : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. – 1 online resource (IV, 97 p. 1 ill.). – Engl. – Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters. – ISBN 9783319435589. – Текст : электронный.

Содерж.: A Poetics Introduction, Mostly ; The Psychoanalytic Poetics of Weltschmerz in Mikhail Lermontov's A Hero of Our Times ; The Poetics of Dramatic Prose in Turgenev's Fathers and Sons ; The Poetics of the Quest in Chekhov's "The Lady with the Dog" ; The Poetics of Stagecraft & Dialogue in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard ; The Architectonics of Prose in Camus' The Stranger ; The Poetics of Reading in Calvino's if on a winter's night a traveler.

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Издание 2018 г.: ISBN 9783319828541. Print on Demand.