The Jewish persona in the European imagination (Livak L.)

Материал из Тургенев в 21 веке
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Livak L.

The Jewish persona in the European imagination : a case of Russian literature / Leonid Livak. – Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2010. – xi, 498 p. : ill. – (Stanford studies in Jewish history and culture). – English. – Includes bibliographical references and index. – ISBN 9780804770552.

Из содерж.: Ch. 12 : Ivan Turgenev's Crime and Punishment.

Анализ произведения И.С. Тургенева «Жид».

This chapter analyzes the depiction of crime and punishment in Ivan Turgenev's “Zhid.” It suggests that Turgenev was able to handle his racy subject by assigning blame to the greedy and immoral “Jews” while making a compassionate Christian the functional savior of the girl who was taken into prostitution by his father. The chapter argues that Turgenev disregarded evidence of the systematic assistance which the Russian army received from Polish and Lithuanian Jews opposed to Napoleon on ideological grounds when he made his “Jews” side with the French. It also mentions that this story was clearly based on Nikolai Gogol's “Taras Bul'ba.”

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Электронный ресурс: DOI:10.11126/stanford/9780804770552.003.0013. Published to Stanford Scholarship Online: June 2013. Дата обращения: 03.02.2021. Режим доступа по подписке.